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Is MyTravlution a lead-generation platform?

No, it is a place where travellers post their detailed travel requirements along with profile information, so that operators can identify serious travellers and make offers to them.

Won't operators get too many alerts for requirements that they are not interested i​n​?

How will MyTravlution attract travellers?

How will operators be able to attract and retain new customers on the MyTravlution platform?

Do operators have to pay anything?

How will operators get alerts?

Will other operators be able to view the offers that an operator has made to a traveller?

Will other travellers be able to view the offer that an operator has made?

How will travellers finalise and pay for an offer?

How will operators make an offer?

Will operators have to inform MyTravlution that an offer has been finalised?

Are there any conditions for operators?